Christmas Surprise!

I love Christmas and in this tormented time, I wanted to do something special for you… That’s how SFL’s Christmas Surprise was born!
Jump on this incredible offer because you won’t see it anywhere else!!
Starting right now and until Christmas Day, you get 50% off the packages and group classes for January (which means only 165$ for 12 hours or 82.5$ for 6 hours!!)!!
+ this week only, all flash cards are free!
+ (yes, it’s not over!) the first Voc Challenge starts December 7th!
This is all for you and yours my Frenchies, so go for it!

Voc Challenge

Bonjour mes Frenchies!
Here is the first Voc Challenge! 😀
Learn a new word every day starting December 7th to December 21st, in SFL’s online community! You just have to stay tuned and play with me: I’ll go live on Facebook every day to show you the word in a quick video and we’ll learn together!
The theme is Winter and Christmas! 😉
In case you didn’t know, I love Christmas time, so I can’t wait to do this with you! 🙂

Voilà le premier Voc Challenge! 😀
Apprenez un nouveau mot chaque jour du 7 au 21 décembre, dans la communauté en ligne de SFL! Restez connectés et jouez avec moi: je ferai un live sur Facebook tous les jours pour vous montrer le mot dans une courte vidéo et nous apprendrons ensemble!
Le thème est l’hiver et Noël! 😉
Au cas où vous ne le sauriez pas, j’adore Noël, donc j’ai hâte de faire ça avec vous! 🙂

heart with a lot of colors, painted on a black wall

Pending class / Cours en attente

Because I believe in access to education for all and I don’t want money to be the reason that keeps people from enjoying French, I decided to create the
PENDING CLASS option, Cours en attente in French.
-> How does it work? If you are in the position to do so and would like to sponsor a lesson or a package for someone who wants to learn French but cannot afford it right now, you can purchase 50% of the price and the other half will be covered by Sweet French Learning. I keep the ‘pending’ lesson or package on the side; somebody in need will be offered the waiting gift! 
-> How do I know the ‘pending class’ will actually be given? You have the choice to get an email when the gift is offered to someone! 

Want to make somebody else’s day or year? Go for it! 

This is a great way to show your support and generosity and I would be honored to provide this service!

Moreover, I think it’s a good reminder for the more fortunate ones to stay humble and grateful, and for the ones in need, that there is always hope and kindness in this world… Let’s help each other!

If you would like to do this, you have 2 options: 
-> if you rather stay anonymous or make a donation right away, you can directly do it by etransfer (Interac or PayPal) to
-> otherwise, you can contact me and we will settle this together

Thank you in advance for your kindness!

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