French Movie Night

Here is our brand new monthly event!! YAY!! 😀
I always say that watching movies is a great way to practice French so here is your chance!
Let’s watch a French movie together (we’ll have subtitles) and then chat about it! 🙂
And you know the best part? You get to pick the movie! YES!
Check the post in the FB event and vote for the one you want to watch! 😉
This event will be online so wherever you are on this planet, you can join us!

Voici notre tout nouvel événement mensuel!! YAY!! 😀
Je dis toujours que regarder des films est un excellent moyen de pratiquer le français, alors voici votre chance!
Regardons un film français ensemble (il y aura des sous-titres) puis parlons-en une fois le film terminé! 🙂
Et vous savez le meilleur dans tout ça? Vous pouvez choisir le film! OUI!
Consultez le post de l’événement FB et votez pour le film que vous voulez voir! 😉
Cet événement sera en ligne, donc où que vous soyez sur cette planète, vous pouvez vous joindre à nous!

Friday October 29th
6pm (on Zoom)

This event is free and family friendly.
If you’d like to attend, please check the Facebook page or contact me to register!

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Pending class / Cours en attente

Because I believe in access to education for all and I don’t want money to be the reason that keeps people from enjoying French, I decided to create the
PENDING CLASS option, Cours en attente in French.
-> How does it work? If you are in the position to do so and would like to sponsor a lesson or a package for someone who wants to learn French but cannot afford it right now, you can purchase 50% of the price and the other half will be covered by Sweet French Learning. I keep the « pending » lesson or package on the side; somebody in need will be offered the waiting gift! 🙂
-> How do I know the « pending class » will actually be given? You have the choice to get an email when the gift is given to someone! 😉

Want to make somebody else’s day or year? Go for it! 

This is a great way to show your support and generosity and I would be honored to provide this service!

Moreover, I think it’s a good reminder for the more fortunate ones to stay humble and grateful, and for the ones in need, that there is always hope and kindness in this world… Let’s help each other! 🙂

If you would like to do this, you have 2 options: 
-> if you rather stay anonymous or make a donation right away, you can directly do it by etransfer (Interac or PayPal) to
-> otherwise, you can contact me and we will settle this together

Thank you in advance for your kindness!