• Emilie’s testimony

    Today I’m happy to introduce you to Emilie from Me My Health and I, who is sharing with us her experience of learning a new language (English) and giving some tips to help you learn so stay with us until the end! ;-)

  • Emily in Paris: true or false?

    After hearing so much about Emily in Paris, I had to watch/study it to make my own opinion. Some say it’s an avalanche of stereotypes and clichés, some love the way Paris is showed; but what’s true or false about it? Here is what I think about the show… Watch out: spoiler alert!!

  • Self-confidence: the key in any learning process

    As I mentioned in my article about limits, a lack of self-confidence is the number one psychological limit I witness in my classes. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue nowadays: self-confidence, self-love or self-care are still taboo or misunderstood notions. However, it is the key in any learning process. But what is it exactly?

  • The school system: how our societies destroy people

    What I refer to here as "the school system" is the traditional public school system in countries like Canada or France (or similar societies). The big majority of young people going through these school systems become anxious adults with a huge lack of self-confidence. Why is that? Let’s take a closer look at the school system, or how our societies destroy people instead of building them up.