native French instructor smiling with red cowboy hat

Sarah Dessert – French Instructor


Yes, my real name is Dessert, and it suits me well because I do have a sweet tooth!
Born and raised in France, I decided to start a new life in Canada because I love this beautiful and wide country. After a beginning in Quebec, my passion for country music and calling from Nature brought me to Alberta in 2017.

I love teaching French probably as much as I love to speak English! I got my French teaching degree in France and have been teaching for 7 years now, both in France and Canada.
With my experience here, I’ve become a specialist of teaching French to English speakers.

More about myself: I love music in every way possible (I dance and sing a lot!), vegan food, Nature, cats and I think kindness is and always will be the answer to make this world a better place!

Teaching is a work of heart!

good vibes with Sarah as a French Instructor

My teaching philosophy

What I love the most about being a French instructor, it’s the human part: to help people get where they want to be, guide and support them on this path, show them that they can do it by ​rebuilding or improving self-confidence in and outside of the class.

Learning a language is not only about grammar, it’s the whole package with culture, emotions, discovery and experiences; that’s why your French journey doesn’t stop at the end of the class!

I like to offer an immersion experience because I truly believe it is the best way to learn!

I do my best to establish and keep a safe, caring and fun atmosphere so that everybody feels comfortable to be just who they are and not afraid to make mistakes, because you know what? Making mistakes is part of the process and there is absolutely no shame in that! We have a saying in French: « C’est en se trompant, qu’on apprend! », which means that it’s when you make mistakes that you actually learn! 😉

I believe my students speak better than me about what you can experience at Sweet French Learning so you can check the Review page! 🙂