Sarah Dessert – Founder and French Instructor


Yes, my real name is Dessert, and it suits me well because I do have a sweet tooth!
Born and raised in France, I’ve built a new life in Canada because I love this beautiful and wide country.

I love teaching French probably as much as I love to speak English! I got my French teaching degree in France and have been a French instructor for more than 10 years now, both in France and Canada.
I’ve started this French journey with thousands of students and I especially enjoy doing the first steps with beginners.

With my experience here, I’ve become a specialist of teaching French to English speakers. Teaching adults in Alberta for several years has allowed me to know my audience really well: understand their needs, their challenges, as well as their strenghts. Being fluent in English myself, I can communicate and create a bond with my clients to support them even better in their learning journey.

More about myself: I love music in many ways, vegan food, Nature, cats and I think kindness is and always will be the answer to make this world a better place!

Teaching is a work of heart!

Learn French and have fun in Calgary!

My teaching philosophy

The human interaction is what I love the most about being a French instructor: help people get where they want to be, guide and support them on this path, show them that they can do it by ​rebuilding or improving self-confidence in and outside of the class.

Whether you want to learn French to travel to Paris, because your family is francophone, to support your kids in French immersion, or to get a better position at work, I’m devoted to help you thrive and reach your goals!
I bring my energy and my expertise to co-create this French journey with you.

Learning a language is not only about grammar, it’s a human experience; that’s why your French journey doesn’t stop at the end of the class!

I offer an immersion experience because I’ve seen the best results with this approach.
I establish a safe, caring and fun atmosphere so that everybody feels comfortable to be just who they are and not afraid to make mistakes, because you know what? Making mistakes is part of the process and there is absolutely no shame in that! We have a saying in French: «C’est en se trompant, qu’on apprend!», which means that it’s when you make mistakes that you actually learn! 😉

At Sweet French Learning, we empower each other! We can work on what’s keeping you from learning and once you get rid of your learning obstacles, you naturally thrive in your French journey!
When you’re not afraid to speak anymore, when you’re happy to learn, then you do, because you feel better about it! It’s as simple (and efficient) as that. Just like my business moto is saying: learn French and thrive!

I believe that my clients speak better than me about what you can experience at Sweet French Learning; check it out on the Review page! 🙂

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What sets me apart as a French instructor:

  • I’m a qualified and native French instructor: I went to university to study French language and got my teaching degree in France. I had the chance to be trained and then teach at the best French language school in France (Cavilam – Alliance française); it has shaped the kind of teacher I am today. I’ve also studied communication and human psychology, which is a passion of mine.
    I’m a native French speaker and I have experience both in France and Canada. Moreover, as I’ve been through this learning process many times for languages or other things, I know what you are or will be going through.

  • I specialize in teaching French to English speakers: each nationality (profile) has specific needs and challenges when it comes to learning French; I’ve decided to focus on English speakers. Being fluent in English myself allows me to know my clients better through their learning journey and bond with them without any language barrier.

  • Immersion approach: from my personal and professional experience, I know that an immersion approach is the best way to learn a language (as you learn IN the language). Unlike many of my competitors out there, I do not practice a translation approach (teaching French in another language) because I’ve seen the obstacles and frustration that it creates long term for the students, and I don’t want that for my clients. We speak in French from the very first class and go further together as we learn to communicate in French. You can learn more about this process in this article that I wrote.

  • My unique style: I’ve received lots of feedback throughout my carreer about my great energy and my compassion. I decided to include personal growth in my business: thanks to the coaching program, you don’t just learn French… Together, we create a safe space, build a solid bond and work on self-confidence to overcome obstacles so that you can really thrive in ANY learning journey! As teachers, this is NOT something we learn at university, but I’ve seen throughout my different professional experiences that it is the key to unleash the full potential of people learning a new language. This is something I’ve never seen in Canada in adult training and I’m proud to bring that to the market! Can you imagine how your life would be if you could learn ANYTHING with confidence? 😉

  • It’s not just a job: teaching French is truly a passion of mine and that’s the reason why I’ve decided to make it a business! I don’t do this just to pay the bills, I do this because I love it, just like I love to connect and help people to thrive and be a better version of themselves.

  • Sweet French Learning’s Plus: I offer a 30 minute catch-up call if a student cannot attend a group class. I also have small group classes (maximum of 8 people), which is something that my clients usually appreciate. This makes it more intimate and less intimidating when you start (or go back) to learn French as an adult.

My services include:

French lessons (online, for adults)
– group classes and private lessons for beginners
  – private lessons for more advanced levels
coaching sessions (online, for adults)
  – to boost your self-confidence, self-love and communication
events (online, for adults)
  – social events to practice French together
– masterclasses every summer

If you have any question, just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to chat with you! 🙂