French classes for adults

Scroll down to see the different online French classes:
– private lessons
– the program Learn French in 10 minutes per day
– group classes
There are options for all budgets! 😉

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What my students have to say

«Sarah gave me back my confidence to relearn the French I used to speak & more!! Her belief & passion to help YOU learn to speak French has no boundaries!!
Sarah thank you for your endless patience. I am loving my results!»
– Joanne –

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online private French lessons for adults

Private French Lessons

In the comfort of your home, when you’re away for work or even in vacation, enjoy your French lesson anywhere!
A lesson made just for you: best way to learn if you have specific requests or goals in this adventure!
Sweet French Learning is fully online so classes are on Zoom!

Here are some of the classes I do:

First steps: never took French before? I got you covered! I’ve had hundreds of beginners and I love starting this journey with them! The program is specifically designed for English speakers. Together, we take the first steps of your French journey!

Conversation class: you don’t want your French to get rusty? Have fun and relax while practicing and improving!

 – Bon voyage! (French for travel): planning to go to Paris or another francophone city soon? Get ready for your trip and review or learn everything you’ll need to live your trip to the fullest!
Optional workshops: language styles (formal, standard, oral), presentation of a francophone country, plan your future trip!

 – Grammar focus: if you want to review all the rules of French language and practice them, I promise you it’s not that complicated!

And much more! No matter what you choose, we’ll need to do a free Meet and Greet session via Zoom or WhatsApp, in order for me to assess your level and talk about your goals! 🙂
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What my students have to say

«I have attempted to learn French in the past, even by enrolling in classes in university. I was petrified to speak up in class and really only became somewhat successful from a written perspective.
Sarah, however, is incredibly friendly and warm that I have had no issue speaking with her and have put myself right out there – not something I easily do. Sarah is accommodating, creative, and she makes her lessons fun and pertinent.
I highly suggest taking lessons with her.«

Check all the reviews here! 😉

Learn French in 10 minutes per day

Because sometimes that’s all you have! This is also the best option for small budgets.
Together, we create your French routine based on your needs and your schedule. Thanks to an app, flash-cards and videos, you can learn French in only 10 minutes per day and be independant!

You will get:
1 Meet and Greet session: we talk about your goal, assess your level and set your French routine for a month
1 app with 25 categories to practice vocabulary
10 videos to learn French (+ bonus)
1 follow-up session at the end of the month (optional): French routine check, answers to your questions and talk about your new goal!

ALL THIS for only C$95! YES!
This is the improved version of learning with Duolingo! 😉

Conditions: This program is not meant for full beginners, or advanced levels. It is designed for A1 and A2 levels. If you’re not sure what level you’re at, book your free Meet and Greet with me and we’ll do a level assessment together.
No refunds will be issued for processed payments and all payments must be paid as agreed.

What my students have to say

«I absolutely love learning French with Sarah! I am amazed at the progress I have made in such a short time. Sarah makes learning French fun, and I can’t wait to see what I learn next.
I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who is looking to finally tackle the «I wish I knew another language» daydream
– Megan –

Check all the reviews here! 😉

Group classes for beginners

Share this new French journey!
With 8 students maximum per class, it’s a great way to meet and learn French with new people in the same adventure, and still get the individual experience!
Sweet French Learning is fully online so classes are on Zoom!

GROUP CLASSES ON DEMAND (so the days and times are to be determined).
Winter session: Jan 10th to Mar 23rd
Spring session: Apr 3rd to June 22nd

First steps: for full beginners and specifically for English-speaking adults. Fear not as this is made just for you!
Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm
or 6pm to 8pm

Friday: 2pm to 4pm
Saturday: 2pm to 4pm

Thursday: 2pm to 4pm
Friday: 6pm to 8pm

GROUP CLASSES ARE ON DEMAND: ask me about it during our Meet and Greet!

To know which class is best for you, we’ll need to do a free Meet and Greet session via Zoom or WhatsApp, in order for me to assess your level and talk about your goals! 🙂
Just book it here and let’s get to know each other! 😉

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