Learn French and have fun in Calgary!

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Prices for group classes for beginners:

  • Fall or Winter session (11 weeks):
    Once-a-week classes: 3x C$405 or C$1,205
    Twice-a-week classes: 3x C$805 or C$2,415
  • Spring session (12 weeks):
    Once-a-week classes: 3x C$440 or C$1,315
    Twice-a-week classes: 3x C$880 or C$2,635

What’s included in the price:

  1. the French lessons
  2. all the material provided
  3. follow ups by your instructor
  4. the full experience!

    So basically, you just need to relax, show up on time and get on board with me on your French journey!

    Sweet French Learning’s plus: You cannot attend one of the lessons? No worries, everything covered will be sent to you by email and if you need it, you can have a private 30 min session with your instructor to catch up before the next class! 😉

Conditions: From 2 to 8 students; classes are paid in advance (one week prior at the latest), payment plans available (fees apply). No refunds after the first lesson.
You are responsible for full payment of fees for the entire program, regardless of whether you actually attend or complete the program, and regardless if you selected a payment plan. All payments must be paid as agreed.
A credit will be applied if the class is cancelled.