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3 French shows you should see on Netflix

Do you know that watching Netflix can be homework? YES! How cool is that! You can practice French AND spend hours in your bed or on the couch if you want! Here are 3 French shows you should see on Netflix (no spoilers)! 😉

1. Plan Cœur

Let’s start with a light and fun one: Plan Coeur is the story of 3 best friends living in Paris and one of them, Elsa, cannot move on from her ex, so the others hire a guy to take her out and make her forget her ex.
Obviously, the plan is not going as well as it should; or maybe it’s going too well

Between lies and the truth of feelings, this show will give you a real sneak peek into the non-formal French life! Warning: they speak really fast and there is a lot of oral language… Like I said, it’s a dive into the real non-formal French life! 😉

Here is the trailer of the first season:

Here is the trailer of the second season:

They did a special episode where everybody is in lockdown (as they were in France for many weeks):

2. Lupin

This very cool show tells us the story of Assane, a young and smart man/agile pickpocket, who lives his life inspired by Arsène Lupin, the famous character of a book saga.
He tries to steal a necklace in the Louvre as a personal revenge, but that necklace will take him way further than expected, leading to a series of events and situations that maybe even him will not be able to escape…

Omar Sy is brilliant in this show that puts together action, funny moments and suspense, all of it wrapped in a good scenario; that’s what I call a great show!
The dialogues are not too fast so it’s easier to follow than Plan Coeur.

Part 2 is coming on June 11th, be ready!! Here is the trailer of the first part:

3. Le Bazar de la Charité

Based on a true story, this show is more serious and describes a France that most people don’t know, including French people. Le Bazar de la Charité was a yearly event for charities, where basically all the aristocracy showed up. Paris, May 4th 1897, the event is bigger than ever. A fire starts in the movie theater, which was the new attraction, and in less than half an hour the building turns into flames; 126 people died, including 118 women, hundreds were injured…

A dark story very well done that will keep you hanging until the end! Between corruption, justice and woman power, this show questions each one of us: what would you do to save your life? What are you ready to do to reveal the truth? What would you do to save the ones you love? Would you die for what you believe in?

With 3 strong female characters (and a touch of epic love story), this is a show that can make you proud of your French roots! A great cast that includes the famous Josiane Balasko and Audrey Fleurot.

If you’d like to know more about this tragic event that shook France and even the entire Europe, you can watch this (French) documentary.

Here is the trailer of Le Bazar de la Charité:

Now to watch these French shows on Netflix, here is my advice depending on your level:

  • Beginners: play the movie in French with English subtitles
  • Intermediate: play the movie in French with French subtitles
  • Advanced: play the movie with no subtitles

If you enjoy a little challenge, then go for the immersion experience! 😉

Share your thoughts and opinions on the shows in the comments but no spoilers!
Enjoy!! 🙂