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paroles d'apprenants

Ha Phuong’s testimony

Today I’m happy to introduce you to Ha Phuong, who is sharing with us her experience of learning several languages.
Her testimony is the first of the new series called «Paroles d’apprenants»!

Hi Ha Phuong, thanks for sharing your experience! So can you tell us a little bit more about your learning journey?

I’m 21 years old, from Danang city in Vietnam and I’ve started learning English when I was in grade 3 and Japanese when I was in grade 6. Both languages brought me headaches but I managed to get through. With each language, I have a dinstinctive feeling: I can read and do exercises by Japanese but cannot speak it fluently. On the contrary, I’m very bad at English grammar but can communicate pretty well. Honestly, I feel more connected with English because I can see myself much more confident using it. I am still learning English every day and my goal is achieving 7.0 in IETLS.

Well, we wish you the best then! Which language was the easiest to learn and / or practice?

To me, English is the easiest to learn or practice since I am Vietnamese and I’m familiar with the alphabet. Put aside the grammar, I feel great when expressing my feeling by writing or speaking in English (sometimes even better than in Vietnamese). I think English sounds so cool when the words slip out of my mouth. 🙂

I can definitely relate to that! What was the biggest difficulty for you?

Grammar, of course. I still don’t know why grammar and me cannot get along.

It’s a challenge for a lot of people. Do you have a favorite language? If so, which one and why?

Yes, I’ve always wanted to take a Korean course. I know I can learn it online by myself but I prefer to be taught and meeting with people. I reckon that Korean is the cutest language in the world and I believe I could learn to speak it fluently in a month.

Wow that sounds great! What advice would you give to a student?

Watch movies with the language you want to study and listen to music, write down the lyrics of your favorite song if you can.

That’s what I tell my students all the time! 😉 Thank you again Ha Phuong; it’s always a pleasure to talk about someone’s learning journey!

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