• Ha Phuong’s testimony

    Today I’m happy to introduce you to Ha Phuong, who is sharing with us her experience of learning several languages. Her testimony is the first of the new series called "Paroles d’apprenants"!

  • Limits in learning a new language

    Today I want to talk about limits. When you start learning a new language as an adult, you may think that you won’t be as good as this person, or that you can’t do this or that; but what are the real limits in learning a new language?

  • Glossaire grammatical

    Bonjour mes Frenchies! Je sais qu’il est parfois difficile de s’y retrouver entre toutes les différentes notions de grammaire en français; pour vous simplifier les choses, j’ai le plaisir de vous offrir ici un glossaire grammatical! Vous pouvez y trouver, dès que vous en avez besoin, toutes les notions principales avec un exemple pour chacune. Cette liste est mise à jour en fonction des retours de mes apprenants; si vous voulez faire une demande, n’hésitez pas à laisser un commentaire! En attendant, bonne lecture! ;-)

  • My crazy challenge: learn Italian in 6 months!

    Yep, here I am with another 2020 challenge: learn Italian in 15mn every day for 180 days! Now you might ask yourself “Why in the world would you do that Sarah? Don’t you have enough to do already?”; well, yea, PLENTY! But I love to challenge myself and I’ve been meaning to go back to Italian for quite a while now, so, time for action!

  • The French box

    One of the first things I tell my students is that their French box is already there, and together we are going to make it grow. But what do I mean by ‘French box’? Let’s explore that together.